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Hello astronauts! I hope you are liking the new trading support on KuCoin! We have worked hard to spread the word and enlighten others to what we are building here with Jupiter. ⚒

Jupiter v2.0

As our roadmap states, we have been hard at work improving Jupiter’s protocol to carry more transactions, faster. Our roadmap has Jupiter v2.0’s expected ship date as 4Q2021…Well, we are obliterating that ship date! We will begin the node upgrade cycle 06 JUNE 21. Please join our node channel to ask questions and follow along.

Metis Messenger

We pushed for an earlier hard fork to increase the support for…

Hello astronauts! What a wild ride so far this year in 2021 for our project! Ladies and gentlemen, it is going to get more wild! Development is really hitting its’ stride and our new developers are now really comfortable with the code and vision for the project. Now, on to some news and updates! 🙌


The Automated Gateway is live. We had some gas-fee issues that caused stuck transactions, but those are now fixed. If you attempt a swap and it doesn’t complete, please open a ticket and include:

  1. The TXID

2. The address

3. What network the swap started…

Updated 2021 Roadmap

Hey astronauts! Steven here again for another Metis launch…only this time we get iOS and Android! You’ll notice more checked items off our Roadmap list, all ahead of schedule! The new roadmap is above, so check out what is coming up...Might need to add some more milestones for Q4 👀

Big muscle movements in this release:

  • Profile pictures! Upload your favorite NFT from Leda or selfie.
  • Upload pictures! Send encrypted, on-chain pictures to friends, family, or anyone you choose.
  • Streamlined signup process. Now sign in 80% faster!
  • See new users entering the channel!
  • Improved API for notifications, invites, and messages…

Welcome to another update, astronauts! Please read below to gain knowledge and awareness for our upcoming events and releases!

The People’s Blockchain


Jupiter v2.4.0 upgrade will bring increased targeting for more predictable block times after the mainnet burn to 1B total supply. This has been planned for years, we now have the changes in code to make it happen without stalling the chain from 25 seconds to hours per block. We will burn the additional 4.9B JUP mainnet tokens in batches beginning later in September. The Jupiter 2.4.0 upgrade will be available Friday, September 3rd in our Github. This is a mandatory upgrade…

For our SECOND MMA sponsorship, we at the Jupiter Project have sponsored Rory McDonald in his upcoming welterweight Pro Fighters League (PFL) playoffs bout on Friday, August 13th, 2021. Preliminary fights begin @ 5:30 PM EST and the Main Event starts @ 9:00PM EST. Give him an Instagram follow and keep up with his journey. Rory will be rocking the great green logo of Jupiter on his fight kit! Go Rory! The entire $JUP community is behind you!

Rory will be sporting $JUP gear!

3 Reasons to Watch Ray Cooper III vs Rory McDonald

This week, we also released Jupiter JRS v2.3.1 to improve peer communications…

Hey everyone! We are hard at work on IO, Metis (iOS and Android), Jupiter v2.3.0, and our browser extension. We will have a new roadmap soon with a few updates. We can add more to our plate because our team is kicking ass and taking names! But, while we work on development we can also spread the awareness of Jupiter to gain additional traction. Now, for the major reason for this update… 🥊

For our first sponsorship, the Jupiter Project has sponsored AJ McKee for his upcoming bout with Patricio Freire on July 31, 2021! Give him a follow on…

We have been busy this past week. We have been pushing marketing and getting articles in many publications over the past few weeks, with more coming in the pipeline. We have an exciting sponsorship announcement in 5 days, new assets to drop, and IO coming online in the next weeks. Imagine a Google Drive or Apple iCloud that you own and can monetize as your own service. I/O as a service…. IOaaS.


I have been hard at work creating a script to build your own Metis container on Raspberry Pi 3B & 4. Checkout the script if you wish. Once…

Hello ASTROnauts! What a week! We had $ASTRO launch, new rewards program for $FORGE and the nodes roll out, and we are pushing Metis v1.1 to the Apple Store for release on Monday! For a quick update, here are the highlights:

  • Updated jupiter-fs and now have rights to the npm packages
  • Released jupiter-node-sdk v0.2.0
  • Jupiter-fs can send chunks of files to the blockchain; this enables things like Google Drive, but encrypted and YOURS.
  • Jupiter v2.2.3 includes websocket support for Metis to improve speed
  • Submitted Coinbase listing application
  • USDT, ETH, BTC have assets are being fully integrated into gateway
Sprint #3 completed!

I will…

Hey astronauts. Due to how the old node program worked, we had a few people take advantage of this by spinning empty nodes. Below, the New Node and $FORGE Program is announced. $FORGE program is being rolled together and we will update our program details on past blog posts.

  • Nodes require a unique JUP address to be linked to each node
  • $FORGE reward for holding $FORGE tokens
  • Nodes reward for holding JUP on an address that is linked to an active node
  • JUP holdings for nodes are calculated with a 20% bonus for running a node in comparison to holding $FORGE

If you have a main account that is leasing to the address that is forging, you have to add the address of the main account. The official listing that is used is found on Program changes tomorrow, 8 July @ 1400 UTC.

Volcanic Gems AMA 28 June 2021

Welcome @sigwo to Volcanic Gems! It’s a pleasure to have you joining us today. Could you briefly introduce yourself to the group and your involvement in the crypto space?

Hello everyone! My name is Steven and I founded Jupiter. The team currently consists of David Mah (AUS Business Developer), Steven House (iOS Developer), Stackit IT firm (iOS and other development)and myself. We have a few other developers on contract, namely Jin (web/full stack dev) and Javier (Senior Java guru). …


Jupiter Project

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